Adian for App.Net Update

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Apple just approved the v1.0.28 update of Adian for App.Net! This update includes many updates requested by users, but here are two updates which might be nice for most people to know about.

Push Notifications for Netbot

Since Netbot does not have push notifications, Adian has added a setting which will redirect its push notifications to open Netbot to the specified post instead. You can set it from the Accounts page by tapping on the blue arrow next to your username.

Temporary Price Drop

Adian is now US$1.99 for a limited time so new users can get in on the fun and current Netbot users can grab a great utility app to add push notifications without having to spend another giant sum of money (slight sarcasm added). The price change is propagating through the App Store, so keep checking if you don't see it.

Many Other Updates

  • iOS 6 support
  • iPhone 5 screen support
  • Reposts
  • Stars
  • User Search
  • Hashtag Search
  • Tons of bug fixes
  • See more: Adian Bug Tracker

Go Get It!

You can get Adian for App.Net on the App Store now!

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