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Once in a while, an opportunity comes along that you can't refuse. Two weeks ago, one such opportunity came knocking. After careful thought and deliberation, I am excited to announce...

I am joining Exec!

Exec is a great service that will let you outsource tasks or errands that you might not have time for or want to do. You can check out more info on the Exec homepage.

Exec just launched a few weeks ago, and is still very young. I will be joining as the 5th member of the team along side Justin, Daniel, Amir, and Matt. My first day is next Monday, March 19th.

I love the atmosphere of early-stage startups, and I love wearing lots of hats to get the job done. Exec combines several areas that I am very passionate about (real-time communication, scheduling algorithms and logistics, mobile development, and solving hard problems), so it feels like a natural fit. I will be mainly foucsed on developing the mobile apps, but I'm sure that's not all I'll be doing.

I have known Justin Kan from interacting with him at various Y Combinator events and even interviewing at last August. He reached out to me about the opportunity and vision of Exec, and I was sold.

I am very excited about working with Justin and team to move the vision of Exec forward. I am also very excited about getting back into the fray of the crazy days of an early-stage startup. I can't wait to get started.

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